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3BR/3BA 48×31 L-Shape

A 3BR/3BA ADU under 1200 square feet offers a perfect blend of efficiency, functionality, and comfort. With dual suites, a central living area, a well-equipped kitchen, and seamless outdoor integration, this ADU design is ideal for families, roommates, or anyone looking to maximize their living space. Customize it to your needs and enjoy a versatile, high-quality living environment that enhances your property and lifestyle.

The design features three bedroom suites, with a central living area providing a perfect balance of privacy and communal space. This layout is ideal for families who want dedicated bathroom setups or for roommates seeking individual privacy. The kitchen, a key highlight, includes a pantry for ample storage. You can choose between adding an island for extra counter space or simply using a dining table to keep the area open and versatile. This flexibility allows for efficient meal preparation and casual dining.

The living area, situated in the heart of the home, offers a cozy space for relaxation and entertainment. Customization options abound, allowing you to tailor the ADU to your specific needs and tastes. From selecting fixtures and finishes to adding personalized touches like different room layouts, the design is flexible enough to accommodate various preferences. You can further enhance functionality by choosing features that fit your lifestyle, such as adding sliding glass doors for indoor/outdoor living.

Maximizing the 1200 sqft limit, which is a common restriction in many California cities, this ADU design ensures every inch is used effectively. The layout is carefully planned to provide ample living space without wasting any area, making it both practical and comfortable. The efficient use of space and thoughtful design make this ADU highly versatile, suitable for various uses such as rental income, a guest house, or a private residence. Its adaptability and compliance with local regulations ensure it meets diverse needs and preferences.

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Price: $385K

($339K Vertical Build + $46K Standard Finish Materials) Your project will also require plans, permits, sitework and additional considerations that are dependent on your lot. Contact us to get a detailed quote.

3 Bed
3 Bath
1199 ft 2
One Story