Accessory Dwelling Unit Floor Plans

Search dozens of build-ready ADU floor plans below. Click into any floor plan for pricing for each ADU plan. Whether you’re interested in tweaking our existing ADU blueprints or envisioning a completely custom ADU design, we’ve got you covered.

Our in-house design team is adept at tailoring plans to align seamlessly with your main residence, ensuring the exterior of the ADU blends with the property. From minor adjustments to bespoke guest house plans, we provide a spectrum of options to meet your unique needs for your ADU house plan.

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Need a custom ADU floor plan?

You may want to customize an accessory dwelling unit floor plan to suit your property, or to add multiple units by attaching or stacking them. We can do any and all of that! Contact us to discuss modifying any of our accessory dwelling unit plans for your unique project. Our in-house drafting team will be happy to work on your custom ADU project.

Top ADU Floor Plans

We have narrowed down the top five accessory dwelling unit plans and their most common uses. Check out our list of the top ADU floor plans to find which plan might suit you best.

Floor Plans 3BR 2BA 1000 SF 36x31 L SHAPE ADU 3D View

What is a good size for an ADU plan?

Your guest house floor plan size will be influenced by your end goals for the unit, as well as cost. Larger units are cheaper on a per square foot basis, though there are size thresholds that will trigger additional fees for accessory dwelling unit plans. Read more about picking a good size ADU floor plan for your needs.