Subcontractors working with SNAPADU

Below you will find info about how to use Buildertrend to work with SnapADU.

Using RFIS, To-Dos, Comments


  • Can be added to any PO, Schedule Item, or To-Do
  • Used on POs for: scope clarification, pricing changes, payment questions
  • Used on Schedule items for: schedule changes or install problems


  • Used to convey dates, e.g. first day possible for subcontractor to do field measurements
  • Used to relay specific tasks with deadlines


  • Information-only, no action necessary (example: capturing notes on actions taken on the project)
  • Can be added to any PO, Schedule Item, or To-Do

Schedule & Confirmations

Viewing the Schedule

  • View single job or all jobs at once
  • Shows best projection of job schedule

Accepting a Confirmation Request

  • Accept the confirmation request as soon as you can commit to that date
  • New confirmation requests will be sent if the job schedule shifts

Communicating Schedule Changes

  • Use an RFI on the Schedule item that needs to be moved and state the new date
  • Assign to SnapADU or the Project Manager for the job
  • If last minute (e.g. <48 hrs), also call the Project Manager

Purchase orders & payments

How to Review & Approve a PO

  • If PO is for correct amount, accept the PO
  • If PO total must be updated (e.g. price change), add an RFI on the PO so SnapADU can edit the price
  • Install dates will be communicated via the Schedule (see below section)

Requesting Payment

  • On the PO, click ‘Request Payment’ and upload an invoice
  • Click the Approve button for the lien waiver, then sign digitally
  • Any questions about a specific Payment, create an RFI on the PO assigned to SnapADU

Communicating Price Changes

  • Use an RFI on the Purchase Order that needs to be updated with changes
  • Assign to SnapADU or the Project Manager for the job
  • Within 1-2 days, the PO will be released again for your approval

Customizing notifications and the APP

Customize Notifications

  • Turn on/off for each type of info and for each channel (e.g. via email or app)
  • Add additional email addresses for people in your company

Customize the Buildertrend App

  • Modify the shortcuts to see most important info at top of app