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The Imperial Beach ADU Guide

Imperial Beach, CA, USA

You’ve found the ultimate resource for building an accessory dwelling unit in Imperial Beach, California. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to maximize flexibility for family or an investor planning to add units, our comprehensive guide is here to assist you every step of the way. Read on for more on what you can build in Imperial Beach, rent rates, and to see completed & active projects we are building in Imperial Beach. You can also access detailed ADU cost & floor plan information, plus check out homeowner stories.

Imperial Beach ADU QUICK FACTS

What you can build

Maximum size: 1,200 square feet

Side/rear setbacks: 4 feet

Two story: Yes, above garage

Permitting timeline

Standard: 4-6 months

Coastal: TBD

Our ADU experience in Imperial Beach

SnapADU has a wealth of experience navigating the specific regulations and complexities of building ADUs throughout Coastal San Diego County. The city of Imperial Beach permits ADUs up to 1,200 sqft, presenting ample space for creative, efficient design.

However, with a large portion of Imperial Beach located within the coastal zone, there are extra layers of permitting to consider. These coastal regulations can pose unique challenges, but our team’s extensive expertise in this area ensures a smoother, more predictable process.

At SnapADU, we’re committed to making the most of your property, delivering top-quality ADUs while ensuring full regulatory compliance and maximized efficiency in design and construction. We’re familiar with the specifics, we’ve navigated the challenges, and we’re ready to bring your vision to life in Imperial Beach.

Imperial Beach ADU Regulations & Permitting Requirements

Want to learn more about what kind of ADU you can build in Imperial Beach? Check out our in-depth resource guide Imperial Beach Regulations & Permitting Requirements outlining the ADU building code requirements. We also include what we have learned about how the city will interpret code based on actually designing & building in the city. You can also set up a consult if you want our advice on what you can build.
Imperial Beach ADU Regulations

ADU Builders Imperial Beach

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Our own team is responsible for delivering on our promises, from the first time you contact us to the time we hand you the keys to your new ADU home.

As experienced ADU builders, we will anticipate the pitfalls that less seasoned or less integrated teams will miss. And the volume of ADU jobs we handle means we have gained an incredible amount of expertise that we are excited to bring to your project.

We’re 100% focused on being the best ADU builders in Imperial Beach and Greater San Diego.


Zip Codes: 91932, 91933, 92154

Neighborhoods: Palm Plaza, Imperial Palms, Dolphin Bay, The Tapestry