2-Story ADU Plans & Pricing

View two story ADU floor plans and pricing. Browse accessory dwelling unit designs for two story guest houses with one to four bedrooms, the max that will fit in the 1200 sqft size limit for ADUs in California.

We can also add a second story to any of our standard plans and adapt so that it works with your property constraints and design goals. You may want to add an ADU over a new detached garage. You can also stack two ADUs if you are in a city that permits two stacked ADUs on multifamily lots.

Two Story ADU Plans

Two-Story 1BR/1BA | Under 700 Sqft
1 Bed • 1 Bath • 658 ft2
Two-Story 1BR/2BA | 1st Floor Open 2nd Floor Suite
1 Bed • 2 Bath • 993 ft2
Two-Story 2BR/2BA | 1st Floor Bedroom 2nd Floor Suite
2 Bed • 2 Bath • 993 ft2
Two-Story 2BR/2BA | 1st Floor Open 2nd Floor 2BR1BA
2 Bed • 2 Bath • 1,155 ft2
Two-Story 2BR/3BA | 1st Floor Open 2nd Floor Dual Suites
2 Bed • 3 Bath • 1,155 ft2
Two-Story 3BR/2BA | 1st Floor BR 2nd Floor 2BR1BA
3 Bed • 2 Bath • 1,155 ft2
Two-Story 3BR/2BA | 1st Floor Open 2nd Floor 3BR1BA
3 Bed • 2 Bath • 1,155 ft2
Two-Story 3BR/3BA | 1st Floor BR 2nd Floor Dual Suites
3 Bed • 3 Bath • 1,155 ft2
Two-Story 4BR/2BA | 1st Floor BR 2nd Floor 3BR1BA
4 Bed • 2 Bath • 1,155 ft2
Two-Story 1BR/1BA | Carriage House
1 Bed • 1 Bath • 498 ft2
Two-Story 2BR/2BA | Carriage House
2 Bed • 2 Bath • 749 ft2

Custom Two Story ADU Floor Plans

Don't see what you're looking for? We can customize any of our floor plans, or add a second story to another floor plan from our full floor plan library. Let us know what you have in mind and our in-house design team will be happy to help you design a custom two-story floor plan for your guest house.

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Carriage House Plans

Many homeowners want to including parking below their living space. Commonly known as a carriage house, these designs are detached garages with a dwelling unit above them. You can fit a two-car garage under a one bedroom one bath 500 sqft unit. We offer both a 1 bedroom carriage house plan and a 2 bedroom carriage house plan, or design a custom second story ADU to suit your needs.

Learn more about options for your two story ADU

Find all the information necessary to get you up to speed on two-story ADUs. We are the top builder of two story granny flats, with more than a dozen completed and underway. And before we specialized in ADUs, we built custom homes and have a lot of experience with two story builds.

2 Story ADU Overview

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