We love working together to build ADUs

Whitney Hill

Co-Founder, Head of Business Development & Innovation

Whitney is the co-founder and Head of Business Development & Innovation at SnapADU. Previously, she spent several years as a developer of high end homes on the east coast. Before turning to real estate, Whitney built a decade of strategic and tactical experience working as a management consultant at Bain & Company and as an operations manager for industrial supply distributor McMaster-Carr. She has a BA from Yale University and received her MBA from NYU Stern. Whitney is a proud mom of two and lives in North County San Diego. She’s currently on a quest to visit all national parks within an 8 hour drive.

“I love that, as builders, we are in a unique position to share our expertise to help homeowners maximize the bang for their buck, while making it a streamlined & enjoyable process to add an ADU. We’re also working to make these new homes blend seamlessly with existing neighborhoods, while helping address the housing shortage. And behind the scenes, our team is stellar… I absolutely love what I do.”

Mike Moore

Co-Founder, Head of Production

Mike is the co-founder and Head of Production at Snap ADU. Mike has spent a lifetime in construction. As a child he helped his parents renovate an 1860s Victorian and a 1920s center hall Colonial… he was hooked. Since then, he has made a career out of construction, working for small custom home builders during high school and college, then on to larger commercial builders prior to opening his own shop in 2013. He is a licensed CA contractor and LEED AP and earned a BS from James Madison University. Mike lives in North County and loves to spend time with his wife and three children doing just about anything that involves the ocean – surfing, sailing, swimming or just posting up on the sand for a beach day.

“The best part of Snap ADU is far and away the people, both inside and outside our organization. Building – especially residential building on an occupied property – is an intimate process. We get to see our clients every day while they see their ADUs come to life. And the folks who make Snap ADU such a stellar organization are just a fun, uplifting, positive group.”

Bob Sommers

Head of Estimation & Feasibility

Bob helps homeowners evaluate options for their ADU project, including design considerations & cost estimation. Bob lives and breathes the benefits of ADU ownership himself and is excited to share his experience and expertise with homeowners. Bob has decades of experience working in small business, construction, and sales in the San Diego area. In his spare time, Bob loves spending time with his wife, three kids, friends and his dog, Baylor.

“The culture, the team, and the client base are all stellar. I want to do this. It is not work. It’s like volunteering, but getting paid. We help people and families. One specific thing I love about Snap ADU is the fact that we never take money up front. We always perform work first, and invoice second. It always makes our clients feel comfortable. Oh, and I love Jessica’s dog, Willie, who always sits on the couch behind her in our ZOOM meetings.”

Leslie Sommers

Sales Manager

Leslie helps homeowners evaluate options for their accessory dwelling unit project, including design considerations and cost estimation. Leslie and Bob are husband and wife and together enjoy the benefits of ADU ownership. Leslie has a lifetime of ADU experience and stories and is excited to share her knowledge and understanding with homeowners.

Leslie enjoys playing pickleball, hiking, traveling and spending time with her family, friends and dog Baylor.

Luis Calderon

Head of Design

Luis oversees SnapADU’s design department to ensure our feasibility reports and construction drawings are effectively drafted for submission to the municipality. He has nearly two decades of experience in building design. Luis has previously designed single family homes and commercial facilities, focusing on engineering and design. In his spare time, Luis enjoys golf, snowboarding, 3D printing, paintballing, riding motorcycles, visiting wineries, hiking, camping… basically anything outdoors.

“I like the design + build aspect of SnapADU, as we really benefit from having the expertise from the field come into play in our designs.”

Vernice Quiogue


As part of the design team, Vernice drafts feasibility reports and handles design refinement for clients. Vernice majored in Architecture at the University of Santo Tomas and has previously worked on a design team in a commercial architectural firm. She has also designed interiors for additions and remodels. Vernice is passionate about coffee and matcha, as well as spicy ramen. She enjoys reading books along with good music and is a proud mom of over 50 houseplants and a 10-year old Shih Tzu.

“I’ve always followed this design philosophy: user experience over aesthetics. It’s not just about building a beautiful house, but instead how can we create the feeling of it being a home and make it personal.”

Ben Gagnon

Head of Pre-Construction

Ben reviews every project during the Proposal process and in Feasibility to determine the anticipated site costs for our clients ahead of the build. Ben also works with all of our subcontractors to refine scope of each project & ensure a client’s plan can be built on budget.

Prior to joining Snap ADU, Ben worked in product development for the home improvement industry. Ben earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Supply Chain Management from the University of California, San Diego. In his spare time, Ben manufactures custom surfboards and enjoys woodworking, as well as going surfing and camping.

“I enjoy the construction process; seeing a project evolve from an idea to a completed home gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”

Jessica Unruh

Pre-Construction manager

Jessica provides support & guidance to SnapADU clients as they kick off their Feasibility Study and ensures the job is running on schedule. She also supports clients in the finish material selection process. Jessica has a decade of experience working for large design + build residential construction firms, as well as a degree in Construction Management. Jessica enjoys spending her free time with her two best friends – her long-time partner Michael, and her dog, Willie – and loves pizza & French fries, rock music, gardening, hiking & fishing.

“Everyone at Snap ADU is customer oriented, knowledgeable and has a passion for building this business… plus they are fun people to work with!”

Caitlin Scannell

Head of Strategic Initiatives

Caitlin integrates our philosophies, work flows, products and tools to ensure that SnapADU provides the highest level of customer service to our clients. Prior to working with SnapADU, Caitlin spent ten years at Bain & Company focusing on transformational cost optimization and business process redesign. Caitlin holds a B.S. in Business Management from Babson College. She lives with her husband and two children in Connecticut, where she loves cooking, traveling, yoga and rescuing animals.​

Curt Green

Project Manager

Curt Green brings 15 years of experience to the table in his role of project manager here at Snap ADU. In his current role, Curt helps coordinate the construction phase of ADU projects alongside the Snap production team, sub-contractors, vendors, and the owner. He works hard to keep things moving and gets creative to solve problems during construction. Before joining Snap, Curt worked as a Theatrical Scenery designer and builder- designing, fabricating, rigging and installing custom scenery for theatrical productions. He has an MFA in Scenic Design.

When he is not working, Curt spends his time hanging with his wife and two children outside at the beach or park, mountain biking, building things and enjoying the fine restaurant’s and breweries San Diego has to offer. And, when the conditions are right, he cuts a mean rug on the dance floor.

Ernesto Quintero

Project Manager

Ernesto joined our team with 7 years of experience in project management. He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Civil Engineering and a focus in Construction, which he now puts to use overseeing a number of our ADU projects to ensure they run smoothly. His job is to maintain a high quality build from breaking ground to handing over the keys.

Ernesto is very active in his free time, whether that involves taking his family to the beach, playing baseball, or coaching his soccer team.

Danielle Boulila

Project Manager

Danielle, one of our stellar project managers, handles the coordination and implementation of the construction phase of our ADU builds. Before joining SnapADU, she worked as a technical director planning, coordinating, and implementing the construction of theatrical scenery. Danielle holds a degree in Technical Theatre and Design, as well as a Certificate in Project Management.

Born and raised in Colorado, Danielle loves all things outdoors. Since moving to the West coast, she has filled her time exploring San Diego’s beautiful parks and restaurants with her husband and dog, Freya. Her hobbies include rock climbing, surfing, hiking, biking, and camping.

David Ostrowski

Head of Field Operations

Born and raised in San Diego, David grew up surfing local breaks, traveling out to the desert, and biking everywhere. He now works as our Head of Field Operations and uses his 12 years of construction experience to maintain the speed and efficiency of our jobs.

In his free time, David continues to surf and explore his hometown with his wife and two young daugthers.

Sean Burke

Construction Superintendent

One of Sean’s primary jobs is to ensure each ADU meets and exceeds customer expectations at the end of the construction process. Proficient in multiple trades, he is able to oversee the various finishing touches that arise and works with the customer to rectify any issues or concerns they might have. Framing, door installation, appliances- he can do it all. His hobbies are just as diverse, as he enjoys riding dirt bikes and BMX bikes, working as a mechanic, and maintaining his numerous aquariums.

David Pitonyak

Construction Superintendent

A philosopher by nature and a hard-worker at heart, David brings a unique blend of thoughtful deliberation and pragmatic action to his role as Construction Superintendent at SnapADU. With a hands-on approach to work, he is always ready to roll up his sleeves, ensuring that every ADU we build meets our high standards of craftsmanship and design.

While not on the job, David channels his philosophical side into pondering life’s biggest questions.