We’re 100% focused on being the best ADU builders in San Diego. As a licensed general contractor, we take responsibility for the entire design, permit, and build process for your granny flat to ensure you have the predictability and accountability you need on the highly specialized project of building an ADU.

Representing the biggest chunk of your overall ADU costs, the build makes your ADU contractor the most crucial player in your project. We’ve chosen to bring design & permitting in-house to ensure our high standards are met for each client and enable you to work with one company for the entire process.

With a background in high-end custom homes and renovation in North County San Diego as Moore Construction since 2013, we’ve designed the SnapADU product & process to meet the need for economical, efficient, and attractive detached ADUs.

Why You'll Love Working with Us

Looking for a great ADU contractor in San Diego? Below is what our clients say makes us stand out from the rest.


• As a design/permit/build contractor, we are fully responsible for your entire project, starting with the planning process all the way through project completion.

• We ensure everyone is on the same page by using industry leading project management to create visibility.

• We put our money where our mouth is and bill after work is complete; we don't ask for deposits ahead of performing work.


• Our experience in the ADU niche allows us to take the whole picture into account to assess the best path forward.

• We have dissected ADU regulations and the permit processes to ensure we know what can be built most efficiently.

• On-time and on-budget projects deliver value & predictability for the homeowner... we know you don't want surprises.


• Our background is in custom high end homes, so we deliver extremely high quality ADUs as well.

• We hand-pick craftsmen who are the best in their trades and are committed to our quality-driven approach.

• We understand that customer satisfaction is everything and stand by our work… our referral rate speaks volumes.

Benefit From Our ADU Experience

We live and breathe ADUs. Check out a list of our completed, live and upcoming ADU construction projects, plus see project photos and floor plans of the ADUs we have built for clients throughout San Diego County.

Snap ADU Project Map



We love working together to build ADUs across San Diego. We are proud that we have an opportunity to change lives by offering different options to homeowners. Many of us have ADUs on our own properties and see the value and flexibility of adding them to a home.



Learn more about the step-by-step process of working with Snap ADU to design, permit & build an ADU, including overall project phases and typical timeline.

ADU Design+Build Step by Step


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Out of the thousands of ADU blogs & resources on the internet, our website has been rated by FeedSpot as one of the top ADU resources on the entire web. We publish updates & add fresh content regularly so that homeowners in San Diego can stay informed.

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Comparison of ADU Build Types

We created Snap ADU to offer the best value accessory dwelling unit in the San Diego market. We researched the alternatives and are proud of how we stack up as Greater San Diego's preeminent ADU builder. Read more about ADU options, including a comparison of manufactured, modular, panelized, and traditionally built ADUs.

Compare ADU Construction Types

Why We Love Building Granny Flats

We get to help people and families come together... to live closer and be part of each others' lives daily, to bring aging parents closer to grandkids, to give handicapped dependents more independence, or to give young adults a chance to raise their kids in a community they might not normally be able to afford.

We also get to help people bring in rental income... money that helps them pay their mortgage, travel more, work less, or even retire sooner. We offer them flexibility, since ADUs are versatile and meet the demands of evolving lifestyles.

We plan and design with each client to make the best lifestyle choice for their family. What size ADU? Where on their property should it go? Which floor plan should they choose? How much will it cost? Does it make sense? We have respect for our clients and want to help them as they are considering options for their unique situation.