Why I Chose Snap ADU

I have a 1970’s tract home in an affluent part of coastal North County San Diego. The home is nothing fancy, just a 3 bed / 2 bath home. Over the years I have spent a considerable amount of time and money to upgrade my home and make it something special… now it truly is my castle. What surprises me the most about it, is how much it is worth. My late husband and I bought the home years ago to raise our kids in a good area, not thinking too much of future value. Come to find out, with more people wanting to live in our beautiful region and there being a shortage of houses, I apparently own a million dollar home!

With this in mind I set about researching ADUs. I spoke with a family friend who is a retired custom home builder. I spoke with my friend’s son who lives in a modular ADU in the Bay Area. I surfed the internet. In doing so, I had three things in mind:

  1. I wanted something nice that I was happy to look at in my backyard and that would attract a high quality tenant.
  2. I wanted something that would add value to my home – not just a box that a crane would set in my backyard.
  3. I needed something I could afford to build.

Ultimately my search led me to Snap ADU. It checked all the boxes for me. They offered efficiently designed buildings, complete with finishes (including appliances!) which could be made to match the exterior look of my home with no added costs. They were able to guide me through financing options to use the equity in my home to fund the construction. Their building approach was actually faster and less expensive than a traditional home. The end result was an ADU that was constructed as sturdily as my home. More importantly, since I opted for a more traditional style of building, it added more value than a trailer or pre-made box type of ADU. It actually felt like it had been there all along.

I now have a beautiful ADU which I love. I have a great tenant. The ADU provides me with long-term security by having steady income. It is nice to look at. It feels solid and as if it is meant to be there. Now, having a “real” structure that looks great and was competitive with other types of ADU construction, I could not be happier. Snap ADU gave me something special. They are at the cutting edge of ADUs and are really on to something with their unique approach to building.

– Patricia A., Oceanside CA