Design Policy

SnapADU’s standard plans have been designed to provide the most versatile, cost-effective ADUs with the shortest build cycle possible. We understand that each ADU and property is unique and, at times, small modifications may be needed or desired.

To maintain our commitment to an efficient process and our ability to deliver the highest quality ADU, we have established clear limits on what modifications can be made and at what cost. Below you will find more detailed information on included alterations and additional modifications. Note that in most cases, finish materials are customizable and can be finalized via our material selection portal.

Included Alterations

Included Alterations will not incur additional design fees. Homeowner may encounter additional material costs, for instance when adding an island or upgrading materials.

Layout & Construction

  • Rotating or flipping floor plan
  • Adding “pony” walls
  • Removing interior walls

Doors & Windows

  • Changing door types (i.e. changing from a sliding glass door to French doors)
  • Swapping out doors for windows provided the opening width remains unchanged (and vice versa)
  • Relocating or deleting doors/windows, provided it does not affect egress

Kitchen, Bath & Mechanicals

  • Swapping out showers for tubs (and vice versa)
  • Upgrading materials
  • Adding kitchen island

Additional Modifications

Additional Modifications may be allowed in some cases but will need to evaluated case by case. Projects which include additional modifications will be billed at a minimum $2,500 design premium and will move through our non-expedited queue (typically adding 2-3 months to the process). Changes may also incur additional labor and material charges (e.g. adding custom windows, additional space, etc).


  • Moving interior or exterior walls
  • Enlarging, shrinking or reconfiguring footprint
  • Adding a garage to the ADU, either beside it or under an ADU
  • Attaching two ADUs to each other

Doors & Windows

  • Changing door/window widths
  • Changing window heights/handing
  • Adding non-standard doors/windows
  • Adding glass wall systems (i.e. La Cantina doors)

Kitchen & Bath

  • Modifying cabinetry and/or layout of fixtures
  • Adding non-standard showers
  • ADA baths

Walls & Foundation

  • Raised foundations/stem walls
  • Alterations to the concrete slab/foundation (e.g. recessed shower pans, deepened footings)
  • Thickened exterior walls (2×6 walls are standard, recessed windows would require thicker walls)

Roof & Ceiling

  • Altering roof lines/eaves
  • Framing with roof rafters in lieu of roof trusses
  • Raising ceiling height (8’ wall height with vaulted ceilings are standard)
  • Changing flat ceilings to vaulted (our ADUs are already designed to have vaulted ceilings to the greatest extent possible, with flat ceilings only where needed to accommodate mechanical equipment)
  • Adding architectural beams (reclaimed wood, faux wood, box beams)


  • Changing mechanical equipment (we install fan coils in the attic which provide heating & cooling)
  • Relocating/adding plumbing fixtures (including adding fireplaces)
  • Relocating/adding electrical fixtures

Customer Referrals

Below are the custom requests that we can refer out to other qualified vendors to design and/or build.

Layout & Construction

  • Modifications or remodeling to main home or other existing structures
  • Full custom plan

Exterior Work

  • Porches
  • Trellises
  • Landscaping
  • Hardscape/non-structural concrete

Kitchen, Bath & Mechanicals

  • Full custom cabinetry