ADU Project Management with Buildertrend

Jul 29, 2020 | 0 comments

You can track the status of your Domino’s pizza order from the moment Jonathan starts making it, to the moment the piping hot pie is ready for pickup. It’s only a $15 purchase, but that’s the communication we expect in today’s world.

When you spend tens of thousands on an ADU construction project, we think you should also expect visibility and digital updates, along with the great service you’ve already come to experience from our team. That’s where Buildertrend comes in. This software provides an organized dashboard for clients and contractors to share information throughout the build process.

Buildertrend is an industry-leading project management system that allows companies to ditch their old, inefficient systems of organization. When you work with us you’ll enjoy:

  • Real-time visibility into the status of your project through an online dashboard, app notifications and email updates
  • One place to communicate and track job progress
  • Ability to make design selections, sign agreements, and pay for your project all online

See the tool in action here

We love that our clients benefit from our use of technology in several ways. Jobs are completed more quickly because our schedules are updated daily to alert subcontractors when they are needed on-site. Costs are more predictable because we share all labor and material requirements with our subcontractors at the start of the project to offer clients a guaranteed construction price maximum. Communication is simpler because the client can comment directly on plans or material selections.

From start to finish, our entire project process comes together in one simple platform. So you can sit back and relax knowing exactly where we are with your project and what’s coming next… all the way to our final walk-through of your new ADU.

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