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Two 2-Story Rental Income ADUs in San Diego

Dorchester Drive, San Diego, CA 92123

Homeowner Story: Generate rental income

Special Circumstance: Multiple ADUs

Status: Design
4 Bed
4 Bath
2310 ft 2
Two Story

These two 2 Story ADUs are an excellent investment opportunity, offering potential rental income from three new units. The rental income from this property can help offset the cost of homeownership or serve as a profitable investment.

One of the buildings features 4BR/2BA and 1200 sqft, while the other includes two stacked 2BR/1BA 600 sqft units.

The homeowner is able to build 3 ADUs as a result of the City of San Diego ADU Bonus Program.

Floor Plan:

Two Story 4BR/2BA

With four bedrooms, this large two-story ADU of ~1200 sqft is a great option for landlords. A first floor bath and bedroom/office offer flexibility, while three bedrooms and bath upstairs complete the guest house.

Build Cost: $375K
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The City of San Diego ADU Guide

SnapADU is a leader in the San Diego ADU market, with a portfolio that includes dozens of completed and ongoing granny flat projects. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of the city’s ADU regulations and our established relationships with local permitting offices streamline the process for our clients. We’re committed to leveraging our experience to navigate the complexities of each project, from initial design to final construction, ensuring that every ADU we build meets the unique needs of homeowners while complying with local guidelines.

Of note, San Diego promotes the building of more ADUs through the affordable ADU bonus program.

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