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Accessory dwelling units and the value of going Pro with Whitney Hill

Today on “The Building Code,” Zach and Charley are getting the inside scoop on accessory dwelling units from Whitney Hill, co-founder and head of business operations and development at Snap ADU Design Build in San Diego.

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Whitney Hill: Constant Improvement – The SNAP Way

The Minimalist CEO

Whitney Hill is in the hot market of building Accessory Dwelling Units, ADU, sometimes referred to as granny flats. Whitney is based in San Diego where there is a housing shortage, but other areas of the country are also creating new legislation for ADU’s. Last year, Whitney, the Co-Founder, Head of Business Operations & Development at Snap ADU and her partner, Mike Moore, are on target to reach $10-million in sales.

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Whitney Hill of SnapADU: How We Are Helping To Make Housing More Affordable

Jason Hartman

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