ADU Floor Plan Customization Tool - Visualize Your Granny Flat

At SnapADU, we are constantly striving to elevate the customer experience and simplify the accessory dwelling unit design-build process. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ADU floor plan configuration tool, a cutting-edge technology that allows homeowners to visualize and modify their ADU floor plan layout and finish options like never before.


Key Challenge in ADU Design Projects: Visualizing Your Options

One of the key challenges in deciding to build an ADU is the difficulty of visualizing how different products and design choices will actually look in your home. Homeowners often struggle with making decisions without being able to see the end result, or wish they could tweak options without getting into a costly full-custom design. Traditional methods of imagining and modifying ADU floor plans may involve costly custom designs or reliance on 2D blueprints, which can be hard to interpret for those without architectural expertise. This lack of visual representation can lead to uncertainty and hesitation when it comes to making important design decisions.

Tailor Your ADU to Your Unique Needs: ADU Floor Plan Configuration Tool with Customizable Layout Options

With our new ADU floor plan configuration tool, homeowners can now gain the confidence that comes with visualizing real-life product choices in their ADU. Our home design tool provides a high-quality 3D visualization of the ADU, allowing the homeowner to digitally walk-through their home, make structural & design selections, view real product information, and collaborate with the SnapADU design team. This powerful tool gives homeowners the ability to see building products on a real house, making product selection simpler and more enjoyable during the project.

Custom ADUs Designed for Real Homeowners

One of the unique features of our ADU floor plan configuration tool is that we designed this first model to capture some of the most-requested options in ADUs specifically, since that is all we build.

After hearing from nearly 3,000 homeowners thinking about an ADU, we know exactly what design options are important for various types of situations. For instance, dual or even triple suites are popular for rental units, while ADUs for family members may have a larger primary bedroom suite.

Our first model is an 1199 square foot L-shaped plan that can accommodate two or three bedrooms, and one to three baths. Many layout options are customizable, making it possible to tailor the unit as an ADU rental or for a family member.

  • 3BR / 3BA – triple suite layout
  • 3BR / 2BA – dual suites plus additional bedroom (two configurations possible)
  • 3BR / 1BA – primary bath also includes hall access
  • 2BR / 2BA – dual suites and larger living space
  • 2BR / 1BA – larger living space and primary bath also includes hall access

Choose from Thousands of Options: 1199 sqft L-shape Large ADU Plan

There are over 5,000 different structural combinations possible just with the various floor plan configurations. Below is a summary of the configurable options in the large L-shape ADU floor plan model (1199 sqft).

Floor Plan
  • Bedroom & living space layouts (6 options)
  • Kitchen layouts (5 options)
  • Pantry (3 options)
  • Laundry location & layout (4 options)
  • Entry style (standard, covered entry, covered patio)
  • Add windows, sliding glass doors, French doors & skylights (8 options)
Kitchen Finishes
  • Kitchen base & upper cabinet color (5 options)
  • Kitchen countertops (4 options)
  • Kitchen backsplash (9 options)
  • Kitchen faucet (10 options)
  • Cabinet hardware (8 options)
Bathroom Finishes
  • Shower/tub type (4 options)
  • Shower/tub tile (6 options)
  • Shower/tub door (2 options)
  • Bathroom cabinets (5 options)
  • Bathroom countertops (4 options)
  • Bathroom lighting & mirrors (4 options)
Interior Finishes
  • Flooring color (4 options)
  • Paint color (5 options)
  • Door hardware (4 options)
  • Siding style (stucco, lap siding, board & batten)
  • Siding, trim, roof, & front door color (10 options)
  • Roofing type (asphalt shingles, tile)
  • Exterior light fixtures (3 options)

Custom ADU Design: Make It Your Own

With our new ADU floor plan configuration tool, homeowners can now instantly visualize and modify their ADU design options. Whether it’s choosing different finishes, rearranging room layouts, or experimenting with different design styles, our tool gives homeowners the flexibility and creativity to bring their vision to life.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of ADU design and hello to the confidence of seeing your dream home come to life.¬†Experience the power of our ADU floor plan configuration tool and start visualizing your dream ADU design today. Once you know what you want to build, reach out to us for a customized “all-in” scope and budget for your ADU project in Greater San Diego.