ADU 101 Webinar

Hi! It’s Whitney, one of the co-founders of SnapADU. In the video below, I cover the highlights of what to consider before adding an ADU. You’ll walk away with all the tools you need to make an informed decision about whether building an ADU is right for you.

In this engaging 1-hour session, we’ll explore:

  • SnapADU’s journey and our deep-rooted expertise in ADU construction.
  • Tips for selecting the perfect location and size for your ADU.
  • How much the entire project will cost, including important watch-outs for your budget.
  • Realistic timelines for the entire ADU development process.
  • Insights into financing options and tax considerations.
  • Success stories from homeowners and investors like you.
  • When SnapADU is the best choice for your ADU build (and when we’re not!)
  • All of your most common questions answered

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Thinking about adding an accessory dwelling unit? Looking for an all-in-one solution to ensure your project is a success? SnapADU is known for making the process transparent and predictable, with in-house design, regulatory expertise, and real-world building experience… all under one roof.

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Discover the many ADU projects we’ve designed & built at SnapADU. As an all-in-one ADU contractor, our portfolio ranges from compact, efficient designs to expansive, luxurious spaces, each tailored to the unique needs of the property and homeowner. Whether you’re interested in a backyard cottage, a guest house, or a two-story ADU, our projects offer a glimpse into the potential of your property. Explore our work and envision the possibilities for your own custom ADU project with SnapADU.

Check out our ADU Guides

Looking to do more research on ADUs before getting into specifics about your own project? We have you covered. Our blog articles include the same in-depth coverage that our own team uses when evaluating ADU feasibility.

AB 1033 and the Future of ADU Sales in California

The landscape of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in California is continually evolving, with new state and local legislation frequently shaping how these structures can be designed and built. One of the latest developments is California Assembly Bill 1033 (AB 1033), a...

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The new wave of accessory dwelling units popping up in Southern California neighborhoods continues to captivate the attention of homeowners and renters alike. However, the build process just got more interesting, as two story ADUs have increased in popularity in...

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How ADU builders overcome costly roadblocks by navigating regulations & unforeseen issues. ADUs are not like other construction projects.

Guide to San Diego’s Pre-Approved ADU Plans

You may have heard that San Diego County, as well as the City of Encinitas, Carlsbad, and others are making floor plans for accessory dwelling unit (also known as ADUs, guest houses, second units, casitas, granny flats) available to the public. Read on to decide if...

ADU Pricing in San Diego – What you need to know

If you made it this far, it is safe you assume you are seriously considering adding an accessory dwelling unit onto your property. And, like any responsible property owner, you are probably pretty curious about how this decision will affect you financially. There are...

How Long Does it Take to Build an ADU?

Time is money, so it's important to understand how long the whole process to design, permit and build an accessory dwelling unit will take. There are three phases that contribute to the timeline, and each phase has variables based on the city, ADU size & design,...

What it was like deciding to build an ADU

We know that many homeowners wonder what it's like to actually build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Who else is building them? When and how do they decide to take the plunge and move forward? What is the actual experience like? To get some answers, we were...

How To Build an ADU: A Complete Guide to ADU Construction

Building a guest house or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are secondary units that can be built on residential properties, providing an excellent opportunity for homeowners to increase their property value and generate rental income....

Planning for a Pool Alongside Your ADU

This article is for you if you are considering the addition of a poolside accessory dwelling unit (ADU), a pool house to commune and snack, or just a simple structure for flexible storage or entertainment space. Regardless of the use, there are a number of...

What to Consider When Downsizing to an ADU

If you have followed local legislation in recent years, you have seen numerous examples of how California is moving to be more of an ADU-friendly state. Things like fee waivers, owner occupancy requirements, and even a recent bonus program all serve to entice...