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Small 2 Bedroom ADU for Flex Space in Clairemont

Atlas Street, San Diego, CA 92111

Homeowner Story: Flex space

Status: Completed
2 Bed
1 Bath
630 ft 2
One Story

In the heart of San Diego in Clairemont Mesa, Corey Roan embarked on a journey to enhance her property’s value and utility by adding a small two-bedroom ADU. This project is a testament to the growing trend of maximizing residential spaces in urban areas. Inspired by the potential of ADU rentals in San Diego, Corey sought to create a functional yet stylish living space while staying on budget, dreaming of adding options for her family to stay on the property.

This 2 bedroom ADU, just a short walk from Sharp Memorial Hospital and Rady Children’s Hospital, stands as a perfect blend of modern design and practical living. With a keen eye for detail, Corey worked closely with the design team to ensure that the ADU not only complemented the existing property but also offered all the comforts and amenities desirable in a rental unit.

The result is a charming, compact dwelling that offers privacy and convenience to its occupants. Designed to optimize space without sacrificing style, this ADU rental boasts an open-plan layout, modern fixtures, and a cozy ambiance that appeals to a wide range of tenants. At only 630 sqft, this is one of our smallest two bedroom plans. Corey opted to move all the external metering and required electrical boxes to the side of the ADU facing the rear fence, to keep views from the main home clear.

Throughout the project, Corey’s enthusiasm and vision were pivotal in transforming a simple concept into a tangible asset. Her experience, documented in a video interview, provides valuable insights into the process of creating a small two-bedroom ADU in San Diego, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of turning her property into a source of passive income, or a flexible space for her family.

This ADU project not only enriches the property but also contributes to the diverse housing solutions in San Diego, showcasing how homeowners can creatively adapt to the city’s evolving real estate landscape.

Floor Plan:

2BR/1BA 30×21 Long

This small 2BR unit is for those tight on space who still want to have two bedrooms. The flexible layout allows for a living and dining area. You could also extend this plan in any direction to add more space.

Build Cost: $255K
View Floor Plan


The City of San Diego ADU Guide

SnapADU has built and is in the process of building dozens of granny flat projects within the City of San Diego. As such, we know the city’s ADU regulations and processes very well. Turnaround times at the city are drastically improving, with permitting taking 3-5 months in most cases (down from 8-10 months a year ago).

Of note, San Diego promotes the building of more ADUs through the affordable ADU bonus program. Some of San Diego is in the coastal zone, which will add additional time and cost to the permitting process for granny flats.

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